Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Available #abcblogging

As I searched and spent time praying for the title and topic of this post I kept coming up blank.  Yes, I had some ideas but nothing felt right.

I could talk about Adam or Abraham.  I thought about using the word autopilot or alpha.  Those just didn't jump out at me.

Then it hit me... Available!

How many times do I say I want to be used for The Lord but when asked to do something whether at church or for family do I find excuses?  If I'm being honest way to often.

I want to be available.  Yet my selfish flesh makes bad choices and I miss being the blessing.

When I think of availability being  ready or prepared comes to mind.  Prepared in heart and ready to act.  It makes me think of the parable of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25

Five were ready to go when the bridegroom called and 5 were foolish and were unprepared.  The were available in the flesh but not is the spirit because they hadn't taken the time to have their supplies.  They thought for the future but put no thought to the present.

So how can we be sure we are available when the time comes?

There are few things we are supposed to always be doing:

  • Praying
  • Reading our Bible
  • Studying our Bible
  • Attending church regularly
  • sharing the gospel

These things are our reasonable service....

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. - Romans 12:1 

When we do our reasonable service we stay close to God.  This allows our hearts to be focused on Him and His ways rather than our own ways.   

Also to be available I feel like I need to ask God for specific opportunities.  If I want to be a blessing to a family I should ask God to open those doors. 

I think about tonight.  I have been sick in bed for the last three days.  My littlest is also pretty sick.  A dear church friend called and said she was bringing us dinner.  What a blessing!  I'm going to take some liberty here but I'm banking on the fact that she had her reasonable service stuff in order.  I'm also going to bet she asked God how she could be a blessing to our family.  I truly think God gave her the wisdom to prepare this meal just for us.  Why do I think that?  Well she made EXACTLY what I wanted to make for dinner tonight but was just too tired to do it.  It was pretty awesome! 

See I want to be available to be a blessing to others.  To help when needed with a sweet spirit.  Willing to go that extra mile when called upon.  This is something I work on and I hope this post has been a blessing to you.  

This post is part of Blogging through the ABCs with  I hope you will click on the link and see what other bloggers are saying about the letter A this week. 

Ben and Me


  1. Such a great post! I love when God speaks to answer when we least expect it. :)

  2. Love it! I am doing something similar this abc go round, with ways of worshipping. Looking forward to your weekly posts.

  3. What a great word and thought to begin the ABC blogging. It was a great reminder to me.

  4. Wonderful choice to blog through the alphabet with the Bible! I will be looking forward to your posts.

  5. I love this! It is so true! It's so easy to get caught up in "life," but you're right - we need to be available.

  6. You are right we do need to be available. This post was a great reminder to me. Looking forward to next week.


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