Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cohanzick Zoo in NJ #abcblogging

We finally had a really nice day last week that was warm and sunny here in NJ.  I knew I wanted to be outside for a bit so we took a field trip to a local zoo.  Cohanzick Zoo is a tiny zoo in Bridgeton, NJ.  There are not many animals and it doesn't take long to go through but I just love it.  

We saw a tiger, bear, lemur, emu, ducks, owls and so much more.  It was perfect for my three year old to run and play.  The weather is still coolish so all the animals were out and about which was AWESOME!  Usually when we go in the summer you don't see much.

This zoo is a donation zoo so you give what you can, there are no gift shops or any of that.  It is just a fun day.  There is a park next door too if you want to have a picnic and they just opened one of those water sprinkler parks next door so you can visit that in the hot summer!

Visit Cohanzick Zoo for additional information!

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