Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Illustrated Family Bible Stories - Book Review

We have a Christian home and often share thoughts on the bible with our children.  We do not believe that bible time is exclusive to church time.  We encourage our older kids to read for themselves daily and as parents we do the same.  I have found it hard to adapt the stories of the bible to our younger child.  Sometimes it is easy like Noah's Ark and Jonah - those are classics and we have several story books that cover them as well.  However what about Hannah giving her child Samuel to serve God in the temple?  Or Hezekiah's prayer for healing and longer life.   Illustrated Family Bible Stories is a great resource to cover the whole bible easily with your children!


Help Bible history come alive for children as well as new believers so they know these true events that changed the world forever.
We live in a visually oriented society where people learn from a blend of both text and images. This collection of events and teachings from Scripture explores selected chapters verses, and provides additional highlights into:

  • More than 200 Biblical accounts, psalms, proverbs, prophecies, laws, and letters
  • The daily life of people living in the Old and New Testament times, as well as plants, animals, and Bible landscapes
  • Who's who in the Bible, maps and diagrams, a Bible quiz, and more!
With the help of maps, photographs, and diagrams, the ancient cultures of the Bible are set in a context that can be readily understood. In addition, specially written teaching helps to educate today's young reader in understanding the Bible's meaning and its relevance for everyday life.

My Thoughts:

This is a must have book for teaching younger kids about God's word.  It is not to take the place of your bible - and doesn't have scripture word for word in it.  However it goes through the bible sharing the stories along the way from Genesis to Revelations.  Each page is beautifully illustrated.  Including on the sides of the pages are interesting facts.  An example is on page 126, in talking about Daniel on the side is a side note about spices and how Babylonians used spices.  Also there is a side not about Daniel's diet.  These little side notes are perfect for young minds beginning to study their bible.  It gives you the bigger picture of what is going on at that time.

I keep mentioning little kids as the intended audiences but I think this would be easily used in a family setting with all ages or older kid's might find it equally fascinating (I know I do!). 

You can purchase your copy from New Leaf Publishing Group and also find it online at Amazon.  

Don't forget to join me  and the rest of the Masterbook Moms for the Illustrated Family Bible Stories Facebook Party on April 29th at 7pm (CST)!  We will be hanging out and talking about the book.  As always it will be a fun time and there will even be PRIZES!!

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