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Study Math Online with CTC Math {Review}

This is our second year homeschooling one of the subjects that I think is most intimidating to teach is math.  It is something I will most likely always use a online or video program for.  We recently had the opportunity to review CTC Math.  They gave us a 12 Month Family Plan for the review. 

CTC Math Review


CTC Math is an online Math tutor program.  It can be used as a stand alone curriculum, supplement or for tutoring.  The company is based in Australia.  There is a parent/teacher section and a separate login for students. 

Age Range:  Kindergarten though high school.  (K-12)


Single student membership plan:$11.97 monthly
$50.80  for 6 months
$78.80 for 12 months

Family Plan (2 or more students):$15.97 monthly
$78.80 for 6 months
$118.80 for 12 months

*This is a current sale price please check the website to see if the price has changed. 

How we used this program:

We used this program to supplement our regular math for my sixth grader.  I set up a student account for him and then he was able to log on and do his work daily.  The first thing we did was a few of the comprehensive test just to see where he was.  Based on this we stayed in the 6th grade level which is what he was currently doing with his other math.  From there I let him go at the program how wished.  One advantage of having a 6th grader and online math is that it is almost entirely independent!

K-6th works a little different than the higher maths.  For the younger grades there is a reward system with certificates.  You can earn a bronze, silver, gold or platinum based on the work completed.  My son was totally motivated to re-do many of the lessons until he mastered that platinum level.  He actually looked forward to doing math each day and asked to work on it outside of regular school time.

For the parents we have a separate section to log in and track progress.  You can see a review of all the work your child does.  It even tells you the times they log in and progress they make.  On top of that you can receive emails with the same information.  (Perfect for Dad to see what is going on in your student's daily math work.)

Screenshot to show all the classes/grades offered.

A sample of a lesson

question section for lesson

Overall Thoughts:

My son absolutely loved this program and has asked to continue it.  I love that enthusiasm.  One thing I disliked was my son was more obsessed with perfectionism than moving on.  I think it would be awesome if the lessons opened up and you were encouraged to move on daily with an option of going back after you've completed new work.  Rather than staying for a week on the same lesson.  (which is what my kid wanted to do often.) Perhaps another option would be the ability in the parent section to schedule the kid's assignments each day.  Then they could go back to re-work other lessons once they completed their scheduled assignments.

I did have my oldest do some of the testing and he too thought it all looked pretty cool.  There are no cartoons so it has a nice clean cut appeal to him as a teenager.  I had my 3 year old sit on my lap and do a little bit of the kindergarten level.  He was able to do quite a bit.  The only thing he lacked was the computer mouse skills (if I had pulled it up on a tablet he would have rocked it!!)  So that is one thing you will have to be sure your student has to work independently - the ability to use basic functions on the computer and some reading skills.

 I can see us using CTC Math through the summer and into next year.  I really want my oldest to work through the algebra section.  I think he could use the extra work and it would give him a awesome advantage with the higher maths.

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