Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Universe: From Comets to Constellations Curriculum #REVIEW

May's Masterbook Mom's review is all about the sky!  We received The Universe: From Comets to Constellations which is part of the Investigate the Possibilities series.


A positive experience of astronomy and the Creator that is hands-on!
Through simple experiments and fact-finding problems, the new Investigate the Possibilities astronomy curriculum brings to light God's design of this massive and intricate universe. Students will:
  • Read about the historical discoveries of great scientists of the past like Kepler, Galileo, and Newton, and how their words impact us today
  • Explore astronomy from the first observations of space, the creation of the telescope, the history of flight, and more
  • Be encouraged in their faith, reading Scriptures that highlight God's magnificent hand in creation.
The Universe: From Comets to Constellations helps students become engaged in the scientific process through their own natural curiosity. Using everyday household items, the inexpensive experiments help bring science to life.

Recommended for grades 3-8

My Thoughts:

For this review we received the student book, the student journal and the teacher's guide.  While you can just use the  student book I think the curriculum comes to life when adding all three and the set is just under $20!  Can't beat that for a hands on curriculum! 

What I loved about this book is that almost every activity uses items you would actually have around the house.  You won't have to go searching for complicated items to complete the activities.  The student journal is a great way to get your child use to using a science journal in their upper school years.  
My middle son loves science (and math) and especially loves experiments.   He is the type of kid that will pull a book like this off the shelf on a Saturday and work through several experiments.  

I'm pretty sure we have all of the previous books in this series:  Matter, The Earth, Forces & Motion, Energy and Water & Weather.  I would say this one feels just a tad bit older so it is great if you've done the other books or have a older elementary. 

My favorite part is the teacher's guide.  It is super easy to use.  Included are notes and tips as well as answers for the other books.  Have to love a TG that helps me teach easily!

 You can purchase your copy or find out additional information by visiting nlpg.com!
Join us tonight for the Facebook Release Party!  As always we will have some fun answering questions and there will be PRIZES!!  

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