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Peter Rabbit Tales from Kinder Cottage #REVIEW

I love books.  I think reading good books is vital for adults and children.  It promotes beautiful language use and helps our brains to remain active.  Our children's library is filled with fantastic books but the classics are truly my favorite.  Kinder Cottage Publishing sent me two of their books featuring Peter Rabbit for this review.

The two books I received are:

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit's Birthday

There are a total of  10 books in this series here are the additional books:

Peter Rabbit at the Farm
Peter Rabbit's Christmas
How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea
Peter Rabbit Goes A-Visiting
Peter Rabbit's Easter
When Peter Rabbit Went to School
Peter Rabbit and the Little Boy
Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper

These books were originally written by Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus company over 90 yrs ago and have now been updated with some language modernized by Kinder Cottage Publishing.  Each book retails for $4 or you can purchase the whole set for just $30!

The ideal ages for these books is 3-9 but as with all classics they really are ageless!

Kinder Cottage Review

I had a lot of fun reading these books with my three year old.  He hadn't heard of Peter prior to this review so it was wonderful to introduce him to the series.  We started by reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  This book tells the tale of four little bunnies:  Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail and Peter.  The siblings live with their Mother under a fir-tree root.  Three of Mother's children are well-behaved and heed their Mother's warnings about where to play.  Not Peter though.  He is always getting into trouble which included going to the forbidden Mr. McGregor's garden.  Along the way Peter meets many friends and has quite a scare of almost being caught by Mr. McGregor!  I used this book to talk about obedience with my little man.  It is a lesson he needs desperately to learn! He is just like Peter wandering off when he shouldn't.

Kinder Cottage Review

I wanted to bring the story to life with Jace.  So we decided to fix ourselves a nice garden.  We planted lots of veggies.  Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, beans and squash!  We went to the garden center and picked out plants then came home and had to dig out the garden boxes.  After that we figured out where each would go and voila'! Our little family garden is all ready!

The second book we read was Peter Rabbit's Birthday.  Peter wasn't as mischievous in this book but he did have a bit of adventure leading up to his birthday party.  His Mom sets him with the task of inviting his friends to a party that afternoon.  Along the way he visits a spell with each friend.  He realizes late in the day that he is pretty far from home and won't make it to his party in time.  Then a friend Bobby gives him a lift in his bicycle basket and he makes it home just in time!  This was cute with all of the different animal friends and the adventure with Bobby.

Kinder Cottage Review

For this book I decided to do some additional activities.  First we went to the grocery store and bought some real deal carrots.  What do I mean by real deal?  Well they still have their greens!  Jace was so excited to see carrots that look like so many pictures he has seen.  Then we did a coloring page and a matching activity.  I found all the free printables online and created a pinterest board so that I could share with you all.  

I really enjoyed both of these books.  They are short reads but so easy to make into a complete study.  The pictures are the originals and some may feel that they are old fashioned looking but I think it adds to the charm of the books.  I loved that there were so many themes just on the original book that you could add to a unit study plan : gardening, rabbits, vegetables, obedience.  All of those are easy to discuss with this book.

Now if your just looking for a sweet read then this series is perfect for that as well.  We have read both books many times in the few weeks we have had them and I foresee them being read many more times!

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