Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Reading: Tips & Suggestions for Tweens!

Summer reading has always been important.  We started this independent program when my kids were able to read on their own.  When they were little they were required to read one of those level 2-3 easy readers each morning.

When they reached 4th-8th we stepped it up.  The books had to be 100 pages long and have more words than pictures.  We would go to the library and they were able to pick books for the week.  Our library has a reading program that rewards them for books read.  That was a great incentive for them to do the work.

Another incentive was that they were not allowed to do anything plugged in before they did their independent reading.  We call it "un-plugged"  - this means no video games, computer or television!  (We are more lenient during Summer vacation for those devices.)

What they are required to do is this:

  • Bible Reading - this is first

  • Read 1 chapter a day in their books

Once those are complete they can move onto anything fun.  Usually they would read during breakfast.  This was a great way for them to multi-task.

Here are a few suggestions of some of our favorite books:

This book is about a boy that uses survival skills to live alone on a Mountain. I actually read this book when I was little and it has remained a favorite of mine. I was thrilled when my boys read it too!

This is still my favorite book - ever! I have read it so many times. I love the magic of the finding and restoring the garden! Great for girls and boys!
 We all loved this series. We did this as a read aloud last year and my kid's begged to hear more each night. just a side note: I do not recommend the newer series Heroes of Olympus - the material is very mature in my opinion with lots of dating.

You can't go wrong with Judy Blume's series! These had my kids laughing - interestingly I read these when I was little too!

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