Friday, August 15, 2014

Preschool Curriculum Choices - 2014- Back To Homeschool Blog Hop Day 5

Welcome to day 5 of the Blog Hop!

Thank you for joining me on the last day of the blog hop.  Hopefully you found some help or inspiration for the upcoming school year.  Today I will be sharing our curriculum choices for our youngest son.  He is currently 3 but will be 4 in November.  I have no desire to rush him along in his school years so he will be doing preschool for two more years.  I imagine he will be pretty advanced for kindergarten but that is okay.  We can take a gentle approach all years.  

So for his curriculum I choose Horizons Preschool for 3s.  This set has worksheets, bible memory and a bible story.  It is gentle in the worksheets which will work well for my little guy.  

The thing lacking with this curriculum is a solid literature program.  Horizons encourages you to seek out books to read to your little ones.  I choose to add on a set curriculum.

I debated between Before Five In A Row and Sonlight.  

Ultimately I chose Sonlight.  I liked the teacher guide and all the stories that were included. 
I purchased Sonlight P3/4 used.  I think trying to get the set second hand is the way to go because otherwise it is a little pricey.  I'm planning on purchasing P4/5 next to start whenever we finish P3/4.  

If Sonlight had a solid worksheet system I would have just used that because the literature appeals so much to me.  However they only focus on the literature for P3/4.  The next level P4/5 has a workbook set but I'm frankly not impressed.  

Another thing I'm in the process of making is a Morning Board.  I have purchased a pocket calendar and printed a bunch of calendar pieces for it.  I'm going to do a number/letter, our bible memory, Greek alphabet letter and character trait  with this tool.  I'm beyond excited about it.  

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