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My Student Logbook #REVIEW

My Student Logbook Review
I was recently sent a review product from My Student Logbook .  I really didn't have high expectations.  The product looked simple - and it is.  However that is what makes it so amazing.  It is not time consuming to implement.  I didn't expect this little book to be life changing for our homeschool
... but it was!

What I received:

My Student Logbook  in the Freedom Print - Undated -  $15.00

My Student Logbook Review
They also offer a dated version and a printable version. 

Recommended Age:  2nd grade +

What is it?

It is a spiral bound soft backed student planning book.  You have a spot to write the courses your child is taking and there is a spot to mark off what they've completed.

Setting up your student planner is a little different than other planners we have used.  You take a sheet physically out of the book and sort of fold it over and tape it onto the check-off pages.  Then it creates a pocket or folder for you to keep adding weekly check off pages.

This video really explains it best:

As you can see it is easy to set up.

How we used this product:

Last year I took a long time to lesson plan.  I took each book and wrote out a daily schedule for my kid's to check off.  It worked - but it was a lot of work.  This year for my oldest (9th grade) we started out the year by using My Student Logbook.  All I had to do is create the list of courses and attach.  Poof I was done!

How I set his book up is by putting his independent work at the top of the page and work he needs Mom's help with at the bottom.  He dates each school day at the top.  Then he brings me the book and I highlight the days work I want him to accomplish.  During the day he marks off what he has accomplished.

He likes checking the boxes off - it gives him a sense of accomplishment.  I like that each morning I can see what we've accomplished the day before and easily add to the schedule.  Because each week checkoff sheet has 7 slots - I can get a real glance of what subjects need more work.

For us we just check off in most of the subjects but it would be easy to write in a grade (say for math) or time (if you are in a state where you need to keep track of hours for credits.)  For gym I have him writing in the time for physical activity just so we can get an idea of how much time he spends each week.  

My Thoughts:

I loved this product!  It was so easy to set up and I didn't have to do a ton of scheduling or planning.  In fact it was such an easy and wonderful tool for me that I went ahead and ordered my middle son (7th grade) his own! I'm so pleased to have found a product that makes my life easier. 

There isn't really anything I would change.  My only suggestion is perhaps some additional cover choices.  Particularly more mature themes that boys wouldn't mind.  We lucked out with the Freedom cover and Vintage Map as our choices.  However there really isn't any other choices that would appeal to my boys.  They might have even been happy with just solid color choices.  I only mention it because I'm sure when we purchase them next year they will want a new choice.  (Yeah I'm already thinking ahead!)

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