Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekly Recap

I love Fall.  The weather here in NJ has been beautiful these past few days.  This is the kind of weather that makes you want to be outside all day and night!  We've been settling nicely into a school routine.  This week we added piano lessons (outside the home) for our bigger boys.  They are ecstatic to be back to lessons. 

My little guy has been in speech therapy for 2 weeks now.  The therapist commented about how it was obvious that we had tried everything at home to make progress.  He really does have trouble with "j", "ch" and "sh".  Smaller troubles with other sounds too.  For awhile people gave me a hard time when I said I wanted him to start speech.  I heard comments like - "he is just little", "he will grow out of it" or "but he is so smart".  I'm glad I stuck to my gut and went ahead and pushed for intervention.  He has already shown improvement in some areas and we have seen where he needs work.  I want to encourage you other moms to listen to your gut when it comes to your kids! 

Okay enough of all that - onto the recap!

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My Student Logbook #REVIEW 

- I can't say enough wonderful things about this log-book!  We really love them!!  

Unity #abcblogging


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Disney's "Planes Fire & Rescue" is landing on Disney Blu-ray™ Combo Pack on Nov 4th


Nat Geo WILD’s The Secret Life of CATS 9/21 & Special Invite the SPCA 9/19!


I also wrote a guest post for Bright Ideas Press:

Things I Learned About Raising Boys





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