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Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls by New Liberty Videos #REVIEW

New Liberty Videos Review

My kids are fascinated with studying the bible.  My oldest would love nothing more than to learn biblical Greek so that he can compare the text.  Both of my older sons devour any information they can find on the bible and our Christian heritage.  I knew they would love to be part of the New Liberty Videos review.

New Liberty Videos Review

What we received:

Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls on DVD.

This DVD includes three different lectures and retails for $19.95.

Recommended Age:  These DVDs are fine for all audiences. Our 12 year old was perfectly able to keep up and enjoyed the DVD.  I would say for sake of saying that perhaps 10+ would be a good range.  Adults will definitely benefit. 

Lectures included:

Dead Sea Scrolls with Joel Lampe -
Mr. Lampe gives a brief introduction to this great archeological discovery.  This includes the founder, conditions of the scrolls and the latest technology in deciphering the documents.

Hebrew Word Pictures with Dr. Frank Seekins-
A light introduction to the Hebrew language.  Showing how the language is composed of sounds, pictures and relationships.

The Forbidden Book - with Dr. Craig Lampe -
Lampe takes you on a fascinating journey of the preservation of God's word.  Highlighting the Dark Ages and figures like  Erasmus, John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and Martin Luther.

How we used this DVD:

Movie night in our house is a regular occurrence and quite a big event. Blankets, sleeping bags, popcorn and snacks decorate the viewing room (our living room.)  When we watched this DVD, we did the same as we always do and gathered in the living room.  My littlest is only 3 so we waited until bedtime for him and just the two older boys and I watched.  My husband used the time to work on next weeks Sunday School lesson (he is a teacher) but we all told him after we watched that he needed to watch it too. 

Our Thoughts:

With the bigger boys being older (12, 14) we ended up pausing and rewinding quite a bit to really hear what each speaker was saying.  The DVDs presentations themselves are very simple.  Just a lecture that was filmed.  However I didn't mind that too much because it was the information that each gentlemen gave that interested me.  In fact I found the simplicity of it all much more pleasing than if they had put a lot of 'in-your-face' graphics through out.  Sometimes that busyness is a turn-off so I was pleased that this DVD had none of that.

The DVD is only 60 minutes long and is definitely more of a introduction to all of the topics.  I would love to see the next step from each of the segments because I found them to be so interesting. 

Some facts we learned:

  • Isaiah was the only complete scroll found
  • All books were found except Esther
  • many duplicates of the same bible books were found

  • Ancient Hebrew (bible times) and modern written Hebrew are very different
  • The letter Tav is possibly a mention of Jesus in the Old Testament

  • The Latin bible had many flaws
  • The Catholic Church did not want to recognize a bible written in a language the everyone could read

Overall we enjoyed this DVD.  I'm so thankful for kids that love their bible and learning about it.  This DVD was very thought provoking and has encouraged us to study further into the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew and how we have our current King James Version of the Bible.  This DVD is a great addition to our Bible studies this year with our homeschool as well.

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  1. I've heard good things about this dead sea product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.


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