Wednesday, October 8, 2014

X is for X-Mas #abcblogging

It is almost that time of year when I see so many posts on Facebook about keeping Christ in Christmas.  They want to banish X-Mas from everyone's vocabulary.  Did you know that X-mas actually has a bit of a Christian background?

It is taken from the Greek letters χ (Ch) and ρ (R) from the word: Χριστος which is Greek for Christ.

You can read more about that on Wikipedia  or we did a fantastic lapbook from Hands of a Child that went into all the different symbols/ traditions of Christmas. 

Why do I bring this up?  We as Christians need to be careful when we start thinking we know everything.  Looking at the history or origin of something might give you knowledge of a true meaning rather than relying on a meme on facebook.

Also, we are not supposed to be easily offended.  When someone says something like Happy X-Mas to you - maybe try not to correct or take offense.  You can easily reply with Merry Christmas!  While that is what I choose to say when I'm out and about to strangers, family and friends.  I also choose not to be offended by the alternative anymore.  Keeping Christ in Christmas is so much more than a holiday greeting.  We make a big focus on reading the Christmas story from our bible on Christmas morning and we have a cake for Jesus and sing Happy Birthday.  That is really keeping Christ as the focus not being rude to possible unbelievers or perhaps believers that know the bigger meaning behind X-Mas.

One of my husband's favorite verses is this:

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. - Psalm 119:165 KJV

This post is part of's blogging through the alphabet.  Click on the picture below for more posts on the letter X.  

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  1. Excellent post! I learned the history behind Xmas several years ago and it was very eye-opening for me! I was one of those know-it-alls, I'm afraid. I'm very grateful that God is patient with me, stretching and growing me. :D


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