Monday, November 24, 2014

44 Animals of the Bible #REVIEW

I'm so happy to share our 11th Master Books Moms review.  This book is so special!  In 44 Animals of the Bible, author Nancy Pelander Johnson takes you on a page by page look at 44 animals featured in the bible. 

Each beautifully illustrated animal includes details to help clarify its meaning for children, important cultural information, and connections between the historic world of the Bible and our world today!

God once told Job that animals are important to Him, and that they are a big part of His creation. God watches when the doe gives birth to her fawn. He makes the leopard swift to hunt its prey. He commands eagles to soar. Animals are important to God. He loves them and cares for them, and wants us to do the same. Many of the animals mentioned in the Bible are featured in 44 Animals of the Bible.

My Thoughts:

This is an amazing little book!  I love that their is scripture to back up each animal.  I also love that it is science meets bible as far as the content.  There is scientific information on the animals as well as scripture.  There were animals that I came from well known bible verses such as the Ant and others like the Palmerworm in Amos that I had to look up.

I think this book is a great unit study for kids.  We are told at church that we are not just to read our bible but also to study it.  I love the idea of studying the animals of the bible and this would be a great resource for that!

Another thing I appreciated is that each animal has a illustration (done by Lloyd R. Hight).  This is a great feature because it doesn't leave you hanging and wondering what an animal might look like.  

You can find out additional information by visiting  Also be sure to join the MBM's on Tuesday, November 25th at 7:30 for the Facebook party and a chance to win your own copy of this book! 

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