Friday, November 14, 2014

My Year on the Schoolhouse Review Crew #review

Team Member

I can not believe how fast this year went by!  I remember applying to join the crew last year.  Uncertain if my little blog would be good enough to be part of the ranks.

I remember getting the email and that thrill of excitement and uncertainty! 

I wrote my trial review and how nervous I was.

Then I was fully accepted and the review opportunities came.

I was tempted to beg for each one but tried to pace myself.  I think I did well because I did 35 crew reviews this year.

We did Math, Bible, Science, writing, foreign language, piano and so much more.

Some were hard!  Hard to fit in, hard to figure out how it would work for us...

Some were easy - reading books or watching DVDs

Some were easy to write and some were a challenge to really describe all that the product was and is.

I'm going to be sharing our favorites in another post - but this post is more of a review of the Crew itself.

The Crew is an amazing opportunity with a wonderful group of women bloggers and fabulous companies.  The leadership - Kate, Debra and Marcy makes this team what it is.  Their leadership trickles down to the group and they make us better.  I feel their prayers over this business.

The reviews are detailed and have a format.  You can't willy - nilly throw something up.  This challenged me and I like how it has grown my writing.

There were deadlines to meet and I'm happy to say I didn't miss a single one!!

I had to be an active blogger to participate - and that means more than just reviews.  I found myself looking forward to sharing thoughts with you outside the reviews and watching this little blog-project grow.

Thank you - my readers- for your comments and dedication reading this year.

It isn't over just a tiny break before more crew reviews will be popping up.  There will still be new information and posting on this blog for sure!

Oh and I will be sticking around with the CREW for another year!  They accepted my application and I'll be blogging with them again next year.  Our leadership has given us a teaser (not much of a teaser either...) they have promised us that next year will be amazing!  I can't wait to see what The Lord has for me and the crew next year!

Review Crew

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