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Snake Oil - From Out of the Box Games #review

Out of the Box Games Review
The Crew year is coming to a close and I have just this one last review to share with you - and it is a good one!  This would make a great Christmas present ... but wait I get ahead of myself!   Out of the Box Games sent us one of their games for review.

What We Received:

 Snake Oil - $19.99

 Recommended Age:  10 and up

Out of the Box Games Review

This is a card game of sorts designed to be played in groups of 3 or more players.  One player becomes the customer and they get a card telling them their 'personality' for the game.  This was things like rock star, cheerleader and cowboy.  You take turns being the customer each round.  The rest of the players are basically salesmen and have to pitch their ideas.  Using the cards they've drawn from the deck they must make up a product and pitch to the customer.  The customer then decides the best pitch/product and that person wins the round.  The person with the most rounds one wins.

How we played:

We've played this game several times.  My boys are 12 and 14.  This was a great game for getting them to think outside the box and really open up.  The first few times I played with them so it was just the three of us.  We had fun getting the feel of the game.  The customer cards really make the game a lot of fun. 

We've also added Daddy to the mix and that really shakes it up.  In fact the more the merrier in this game because you can really get some great 'products' pitched and it usually makes each round end in laughter!

Out of the Box Games Review
Our Thoughts:

We loved this game!  The product cards are tricky enough to make it interesting.  For example you might have to pitch to a cheerleader with the following cards:

  • cloak
  • grass
  • pizza
  • love
  • oven
  • beach

So if I was the salesperson pitching to the cheerleader I would possibly combine love/cloak and say something like:  This Love-Cloak is the perfect accessory for any cheerleader.  Add this to your uniform and the crowd will instantly fall in love with you.  They will cheer you on and you will be the best cheerleader around all because of Love-Cloak.

As you can see it is all about playing on the 'customers' personality. You can use strategy to figure out what your customer is most likely to go for. For example my one son loves pizza - he would have chosen anyone product that included pizza.  While my other son liked staying true to character so he would have to be convinced that the product was right for the buyer. 

We laughed so hard while playing this game.  The things we made up to pitch were sometimes just silly sometimes and amazing inventions.  I loved watching the kids think about what to pitch. They had to use their imagination when the card were tough.  My one son was a really good customer - he did accents and voices to be in character. 

My big kids both agreed that this was an awesome game.  They want to play everyday - so that is a great endorsement - coming from a teen and a pre-teen!

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