Thursday, December 4, 2014

Book Advent - 24 Days of Books

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I saw this idea floating around the blogs last Christmas - so I take no credit for it personally.  The idea is simple - 24 Days of Books - A Book Advent - to be opened for the month of December. I loved the idea! Kids love opening presents and seeing that stack under the tree adds to the excitement.

Last year I was like how on earth can people afford that?  However I got wise!  Over the course of the year I collected books on Christmas and Winter! It was easy at second hand sales and picking up a few new ones from Amazon.

In fact when the time came I had to eliminate books because we had too many! I looked on my preschool shelf and it was filled with amazing books for this project! I even had some vintage Little Golden books to add to the mix! So I carefully chose some of my favorites and I rotate out some each year.

I encourage you to look on your shelves!  I bet you have enough to do the 12 days leading up to Christmas! Then you can plan for next year!

A few of our books:

As you can see I really did pick a blend of religious, winter and fun! So go check your shelves and see - I bet you have quite a few books for this project, just like I did!


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