Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Budget 101: Spending (Week 6) #budget101

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We've covered a lot of topics for budgeting but one thing that really makes a difference is how you spend your money.  Of course like we learned in Week 2 - you can only spend what isn't allotted for bills.  

So if you have money to spend let's talk about ways to spend wisely.

Don't make impulse purchases over $10 

If you are trying to be careful but you spend $50 here or $35 there you will quickly blow through your money.  Try to keep a mental list of things you legitimately need then focus on finding those items rather than mindless spending.

Shop sales

Target clearance is one of the easiest ways I get things for a decent price.  I like to buy for my boys a seasons/size ahead when things are 70% off clearance.  I've gotten jeans for $4.98 and shorts for $1 in the past doing this.  Toy shopping is great after Christmas for the next year as well. 

Price Match

I love amazon!  So I always look for prices there before buying in stores to be sure I can't get it at a better deal!  I have an amazon Prime membership so I never pay for shipping and things come fast! 

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