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Kora Naturals Emu Oil and Lanolin Lip Balm #REVIEW

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I have a really unique crew review to share with you today.  It is for  skin care products, which you know is one of my favorite things on earth!  I just love make up and skin care!   Kora Naturals sent me to amazing products to share with you.  I'm excited to share my thoughts and how I used them.

Koru Naturals ReviewWhat I received:

Emu Oil


Pure Lanolin Lip Balms

What they are and how  I used them:

I'm going to start with the Emu Oil. It comes in a little amber bottle with push up top.   Prior to this review I had never heard of Emu Oil so I was very intrigued.  The 'oil' itself is milky white and feels more like a serum than a true oil.  I would say it does have a bit of a oily slip as you rub in but then drys to more of a lotion type feel on the skin or dry oil.

I used the product in three ways.  First I did a deep treatment on my hair.  Applying it before washing and leaving it sit for about 10 minutes.  Then washing as usual.  It left my hair soft and with a nice restored feeling.  (Dry winter heat plays havoc on my hair this time of year.)  I also used this as a style product/leave in conditioner by applying a few drops to towel dried hair and styling as usually.  My hair looked nice but I didn't really notice any benefit to this method like I did with the deep treatment.

Koru Naturals Review
Next I started doing a little research.  Apparently Emu Oil is great for aches and pains.  I've had this weird crick in my neck since I had my youngest who is now 4!  I thought ~ why not try it, what could it hurt?  So I applied a few drops to my neck and I have to say it really helped!  I felt like my neck was less stiff overall.  This was my favorite use of the product and one I continue to do daily.  It only takes a few drops on my neck (or other achy areas) and I feel relief.  **Of course I am no medical doctor, I'm just sharing how I used it and the benefit I saw personally.**

Next let me tell you about the Lip Balms.  I SUFFER from chapped lips.  I tend to pick at them when I'm bored or nervous so I always have chapped lips going on.  This is a pain because I love wearing matte lipsticks and you need perfect, smooth lips to pull that type of product off.  I had a variety of lip products bedside to treat the problem overnight but nothing was really cutting it until I tried the lip balms.

 This product came in a little white tube.  It is unscented and a very thick product.  Once applied you will feel it there but Ooooh how soothing it feels.  I noticed a difference immediately.  I apply at night and in the morning my lips feel new.  Smooth and healthy.  I've even been using it on my 4 year old because his lips chap and crack and it has helped him too.  I would say this is a treatment type product.  You don't need horrible lips but because of the thickness you might not want to use this one like a regular chapped lip stick.  I could see this as being AMAZING for days you are going to be out in the wintery cold weather.  It would offer awesome protection. 
Koru Naturals Review

So to sum it up I loved both of these products.  My only complaint was the closure on the Emu Oil.  It had a circle type plastic piece with a hole in it on the bottle, then on the screw top, there was push/flip cap.  I found that this caused a bit of leakage after the initial use.  Not sure how they can perfect that system but it was a bit messy at times. 

Be sure to stop by Kora Naturals to see their amazing product lines and well as visit them on Facebook. You can click on the image below to see what the other crew reviewers are saying about Kora Naturals. (We had a few different products that we reviewed!)

Koru Naturals Review

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