Friday, February 20, 2015

Random 5 on Friday ~ 2/20/15

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1.  I stay up way too late some nights. Last night I watched Jill Duggar's wedding into the wee hours.  I should have just gone to bed at a better time.

2.  I am loving that cast iron skillet I talked about the other day.  I cooked bacon in it - BACON.  YUM.  It works great.  Cleaning kinda stinks though.

3.  I still have the nativity up on my shelf from Christmas.  Not sure it won't be there by next Christmas...

4.  I ate leftovers for breakfast.

5.  The pizza place knows me by my voice... yeah we order way too much.  


  1. I laughed at #5 LOL! My Christmas Village is still on my TV Stand. I now refer to it as a winter village....

  2. I love leftovers for Breakfast.
    #3 made me look around to see if I left anything out for the holidays. Sadly yes. I left a snow globe and a Christmas Candle on my entertainment cabinet.


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