Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Recap

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What a week!  It is freezing in NJ.  Like negative digits.  We don't typically have weather like that but it is sure wreaking havoc on my desire to leave the house.  Bitterly cold winds too!  Ugh!  I am looking forward to Spring!

We are trucking along with school here.  Loving Mystery of History Volume III.  By far my favorite book so far.  My oldest started doing a Greek Morphemes course and boy is that fun.  I love word origins.   He does too!  The middle boy is doing a homeschool spelling be today - wish him luck!  He has been studying for a month!  Lastly, is the little guy.  He is plowing through his school work as well.  Doing a weeks worth of worksheets in one day.  I think he is ready to move forward.  It is a weird thing to have a child born in November.  It makes learning interesting because he won't be school aged until after the cut off but he sure is wanting more meat for school.  I keep giving him more.  He is a boy, his desire for work will most likely change when he is a bit older. 

Now onto the blog:

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