Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How To Become A Blogger: Part 2 #bloggingtips

Part 2:  Necessities

The first things you will need to blog is a working  computer and reliable internet.  If you don't have those - you really can't write consistently.  It is a hassle to run to the library when your internet goes down.  (I have been known to go out and get a new computer as soon as one is unrepairable!)

The next thing you need is a good blog name.  That was hard for me.  I ended up taking a play on my last name with the "Rup".  You want to pick this before you move forward because it is the first thing you will need when signing up.  I also suggest having some backups.  Google search your name and see if someone else has claimed it. 

Last you will need to pick your format.  Two free sites are Blogger and Wordpress.  Both have pluses and minuses to me.  I've used them both and I'm comfortable on blogger.  Wordpress is recommended if you plan on going to business level (a paid wordpress account).  I know many bloggers make the switch from blogger to wordpress and from wordpress back to blogger.

For this choice I suggest you do some research.  Think about what you want in a blog and see which will fit your needs.  I've heard that you can not have affiliates on a free wordpress but you can on a free blogger site.

We will talk more about blogging next week.

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