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Online Homeschool Planning with Lord Heritage #REVIEW

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HomeSchool Office Review

I've been working on a new review product from  Lord Heritage .   Their product HomeSchool Office is an online homeschool planning software.  All the work is done online and stored online so you don't have to worry about computer memory or computer crashing to use this program.

For this review I was given a one year membership access.

Let me describe the program: 

When you log in and get started on HomeSchool Office you will find that there is a quote from the bible : "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11.  I think this sums up the purpose or mission of the program because they want you to plan and prosper.  I love that this company has a Godly mission.

There are six areas you can work in and they are all linked at the top of the screen and look like this screen shot:

Team is where you put your homeschool information.  There are places to fill in your homeschool name, students and so much more.

Plan is where you fill in your students classes.  There is a place to fill in credits, hours and more.

Order and Work have spaces for calendars and To do lists:

Evaluate is where you plug in attendance and grades.
Report is where you plug in your semester dates.

How I used it:

We typically start our school year in September.  That means almost all of my planning is done in August to prepare for the new year.  That said, I'm also a Crew Reviewer and we get new products in all year long.  So I decided since it was February when I received this product that I would use one of the upcoming reviews as a new subject to get a feel for the program.

I first plugged in our school information, mostly name and my two oldest students.  (Our youngest is in preschool.)  Then I worked with my 9th grader's  new Greek course plugging in assignments for a few weeks. 

My Thoughts:

I'm really not much of a planner overall.  I tend to just have my kids plug away either by the manufacturer's schedule  in my teacher's manual or they work for a set amount of time.  Typically my planning for two kids, 10+ subjects only takes me about 2 hours each year.  Mostly that is because, I  live in a state that doesn't require attendance records or any type of reporting.  So for me a program like this is fine and fun but not something I would really need.  That said I can see the appeal for those who have to have very detailed records and do a lot of reporting to school districts.  This program would have everything plugged in and ready to report.  The ability to print off information when needed is a wonderful feature. 

My favorite parts were the to do lists and the ability to save them and print them off.  I also like the part where you put your semester dates.  The one thing I think would really really be a great addition to this program is if you could import work schedules from major curriculum companies.  This way you wouldn't have to manually enter each subject's assignments. 

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  1. I agree 100% about it being ideal for people who need to turn in reports on their children's progress!


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