Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Mineral Book by David McQueen #masterbooksmoms #review

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My oldest son loves collecting - rocks.  So when The Mineral Book by David McQueen came in the mail for review he was over the moon.  This is exactly the type of book he will read in his spare time.  I love that he has something to spark his interest! MasterBooks really knows what appeals to kids!

About the book:

The Mineral Book is a part of the best-selling Wonders of Creation Series! It has been developed for multi-level teaching, with special color-coding on three skill levels. This educational resource is filled with full-color pictures and illustrations, and can be used in the classroom, for independent study, or homeschool settings.


  1. Where Do We Find Minerals?
  2. What Is a Mineral?
  3. How Do I Identify a Mineral?
  4. Discovering the Minerals in the Bible
  5. A World of Valuable Minerals
  6. Minerals and Creation Science
  7. Minerals and the Lordship of Jesus
  8. Building a Mineral Collection

additional information:
 Mineral Identification guide, Bible references, periodic table of elements

Our Mineral Collection

Our Thoughts:

This is an awesome book.  I love that it is designed to use with multi-level teaching in mind.  This book teaches us all about minerals but always brings it back to God and Creation!  That is super important in our family as we want to provide our children with a Christian Education.  Part of that education includes Creation based science.  We were inspired to pull out of mineral collection and see which ones we had after reading through this book.  (Some of us were inspired to collect more!)

You can purchase your copy of The Mineral Book online at NLPG.com or at stores like Amazon.  

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