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Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's NOT Greek to Me!) #REVIEW

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I have a really neat curriculum from Ready to Teach  to share with you today.   It is a program to teach children Greek Morphemes!

What I received:
Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's  NOT Greek to Me!) - Instructor's Manual w/CD Rom
Greek Morphemes Lessons (It's  NOT Greek to Me!) - Student Work Book
Flash drive (thumb drive with all of the CD content)

What is a Morpheme?

In linguistics, a morpheme is the smallest grammatical unit in a language. In other words, it is the smallest meaningful unit of a language. The field of study dedicated to morphemes is called morphology.

Morpheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Let me start by telling you that my son, who is in 9th grade was the child we used this program for.  He had been interested in learning Greek and I thought this might be a great way to fulfill that desire and get him started. Of course this isn't really a course in Greek but in learning prefixes, suffixes and roots that are Greek based and breaking down the words to decipher their meaning by using that knowledge.  

Ready to Teach Review
The teachers manual included lessons, transparencies (in case you were going to be teaching on a overhead), tests, answer keys, flashcards, instructions on how to use the course and how to grade.  It is pretty thick at over 100 pages!  My teacher's manual came with a CD that has the lessons in a powerpoint format on it.  However, they will be offering all of that in a thumb drive because so many computers don't have cd-drives anymore. 

The student manual has all the lesson worksheets.  Plus some flash cards at the back that are blank so your child can write them out.   


The first worksheet for each week  is called Notes.  This is where you watch the powerpoint presentation and take notes on the roots, prefixes and suffixes.  The next two assignments (A & B) you learn to 'work' a list of words by breaking them down.  You also add a definition in your own words as well as looking it up.  Assignment C - You write sentences in a format laid out in the book as well as create two made up words - just for fun - using the list.  Last is assignment D, where you break down a word, write a definition and do another definition activity.  You  are encouraged to make flash cards on the first day and study them. After you complete the weeks lessons there is a test to see what you learned.

For our homeschool, my son watched the powerpoint with me (only because I found it fascinating!) The powerpoint was neat because it encouraged you to think about where you might have heard a root word.  We liked challenging each other.  Then for the rest of the week Austin worked on the workbook.  The only thing we did not use is the flashcards.  I told him as long as he maintained a B average for the test he could skip that but he had to read the list each day for studying.  (This works well for him because he has a fantastic memory... if it was my other son the extra practice would really help him with studying.)


A-man working on his lesson. (Don't mind my messy workspace!)


Our Thoughts:

We both liked this program.  In fact Austin asked if he could do it in lieu of other vocab we are doing.  He liked the challenge of seeing if he knew the words and guessing their meanings.  He also liked how practical it was.  Truly when you know a root you know a good bit about a word.  What I liked is that I feel like this is going to prepare him for the SAT and PSAT which are just around the corner in 10th and 11th grade.  I think a true test of how much we enjoy a curriculum is if we plan to continue using it after the 'review' period and that is a definite YES!  I think my 7th grader will enjoy doing this in 9th grade as well.  My only suggestions would be to pare down the teachers manual without all the transparency sheets, because it is a little thick and overwhelming at first.  Also a way to print out the test would be awesome.  Not really complaints, just something that would make the program a little more user friendly for me.   


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