Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Become A Blogger: Part 4 #bloggingtips

The last thing in this series we are going to talk about is content.  This is where I lose people.  Most people like the idea of blogging but not really doing the work.  For any blog to have a steady following there has to be content.  Preferably original content.  This means steady writing.

I try to have a post go live every day of the week.  Sometimes those are sponsored post.  That means a company has sent me a product in hopes that I will share my thoughts with you.  Other times those post are original content (like this blogger series.)   A combination of both is fine, however original content is content that is always relevant.  Things like crafts, recipes, tips... those are things people search for.  They are looking for articles on those topics!

My suggestion for any new blogger is to just write.  Write every chance you get.  Share thoughts, things you are doing.  Be sure to have real pictures to break up the blank space.  I love seeing pictures when I read someone's blog. 

I hope this series was a blessing to you.  My last advice for blogging is have fun with it!  If it is a chore - it isn't worth your time! 

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