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La La Logic Preschool Curriculum #REVIEW

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I have a great preschool product to share with you from La La Logic.  Their Preschool Curriculum is includes three parts  First you have an online game (think learning app!) - this is where your child works on a series of puzzles while playing.  Next up there is a worksheet - these are pretty basic- with cutting and pasting. Third is an extensive activity (or extra activity as I like to call it.)  This would include things like stories and scavenger hunts. The Worksheet and Exstensive activities are printed out.  They were never more then 4 pages so it wasn't any big deal to print the.

La La Logic makes this all very easy to jump in a go with their  schedule that tells you what to do each day.  All together there are 100 weeks of school. What  is nice is that you can work weekly with the suggested schedule or go at your own pace.  This product is for ages 3-6 and the cost is $29.

How we used the product:

My 4 year old was the 'tester' of this curriculum.  It was truly the perfect thing to add to our homeschool. He loves using the tablet and computer so having a set time to work on those was something he really enjoyed.  He did best with the tablet because it is touch screen but occasionally we did the work on my phone or even on the computer.  (I had to help with the mouse since motor skills are not his strongest suit.)

He also enjoyed the worksheet activities.  There is only one a week which I think is perfect.  Not too overwhelming for him.  We were able to modify the sheets when necessary.  For example, his cutting skills are not the best so when as sheet asked for cutting and separating the like objects - we just used different colored crayons to circle them.  Other times I would cut things for him.  As he gets better with cutting I can see this activity becoming a highlight for him. The extensive activities were probably our least favorite part.  He couldn't sit still for a whole story (I think because there were no pictures like in books.)  So we just did our best with that area.

My Thoughts:

The screen time for La La Logic was the highlight for Jace.  He loved playing on the tablet and I liked that he was learning while playing.  Each activity gave him skills in matching.  Sometimes he had to count something then pick the correct number.  Other times he had to see a pattern then make a pattern to match.  As the online part progresses it does get harder.  We found that we needed to work on each weeks lesson a few times for mastery.  Since it was fun that wasn't a problem.  I honestly see us using this until we get to week 100 - because Jace asked to do it all the time!  His enthusiasm shows me that he is having fun and that is what school should be for a 4 year old! 

La La Logic Review

I liked that the curriculum included the worksheets and extensive activities.  It makes it a more complete curriculum.  While we are using this as a supplement - I could see it being the main preschool curriculum for a parent wanting to take a slow approach to introducing school, which I love!  Overall I'm very impressed with the entire program. 

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