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Exploring Ephesus from #REVIEW

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We were recently sent a video from  for review.  The title they sent us was Exploring Ephesus: City of Apostles on DVD. In our family we love learning more about our world and how it relates to our bible so we were all pretty intrigued by this title and to see what we would learn from it.  On our movie night we all gathered around as a family - Mom, Dad, and our three boys (14, 12, 4) to watch. The littlest guy did pretty good with it - he is learning to sit more and even asked us to pause the movie for a bathroom break! I'm sure all the snacks set out help keep him motivated to sit with us and watch.

The movie is very simple.  It features two gentlemen Dr. Mark Wilson and Dr. Andy Jackson as they tour Ephesus. They are on foot, in a boat or in a car for most of the film. They give us background history straight from the bible as well as historical facts about locations and what it was like at the time - making the ancient sites come alive.  Of course most of the cities they visit are just ruins but it was neat to see what they look like in the present condition and what has survived all these years.

With our tour guides we visited Turkey and places like Ephesus' Theatre .  We see the Apostle John's tomb where we believe he is truly buried - and they explain the history of that site and how it has survived all these years! The two journey to Patmos where John spent his final days.  They even show us what is believed to be the oldest and first picture of the Apostle Paul, a painting on a wall in a ruined house. 

Our Thoughts:

We found this movie to be pretty awesome. While it is just two men onscreen basically having a conversation about the locations, biblical significance and history - that didn't bother me one bit. Their conversation was interesting and engaging enough to hold all of our attention. I loved seeing the sites on screen.  It was easy to imagine Paul traveling to Patmos across the water and how long his journeys  must have taken on foot or boat rather than in a modern vehicle. The scenery was stunning and I like that it was filmed in a way to point that out to us, the viewers.

We have been studying the Seven Churches in Revelation at church on Wednesday nights so this video tied right into what we have been learning about.  It was the perfect time for us to review this DVD because we have been learning so much about John's writings.  I personally am not one to travel across the world because I don't enjoy flying so this was a perfect way to visit the historical sites that are on my wish list.

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