Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet the Flock #chickens

We've had our girls for about 2 weeks.  I'm guessing they are about 5 weeks old but I can't be sure.  Truth be told Hubby didn't really get a lot of information like that - he focused on the feeding and keeping part!

The Coop is still in the planning stages.  I promise to take lots of pictures when that happens.

In the meantime ...

Meet the Girls (we hope!)

 This girl is very curious.  She always wants to see what is going on and knows there is a world outside her bin. She doesn't run or hid when we visit with them.
 This girl looks like she will become black and white.  We were told her eggs would be easter egg colored (green/blue).  Her feet are very hairy!  She is also very dominant and is a bit of an aggressive chick.  She was the first to figure out how to fly on top of the feeder/waterer.

 This is the last of our bold chicks.  She is supposed to look like the next three but her color has always been different.  She is the fattest of the chicks too!  You can't tell because she is getting ready to fly off the feeder and get out of the bin.  She wants OUT!  

The last three are scrawnier and scaredy cats!  The cower in the corner whenever we go near the bin.  The other 3 pick on these gals often too.  These should be our Rhode Island Reds.  I've been told they are not very friendly and I can already see that.  They are cute when they sleep all together.

So that is our flock.  Hopefully we have all girls in the mix but time will tell!! 

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