Friday, May 8, 2015

My Personal Experience with Door To Door Organics - Plus $10 off your order!

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I have been trying my best to buy organic when possible for our home.  It is hard though!  Two of the most popular stores to get that kind of produce and meat are at least 25 minutes away - when traffic is good.  My local grocery doesn't carry anything organic and the next closest (10 minutes away) has a limited selection.

What's a girl to do? 

Enter in Door To Door Organics.  I had toyed with trying this company out for sometime.  I'm intrigued by the idea that food can come right to my doorstep.  This will save me time because I can go to the local store for staples (mostly target because I can get organic spaghetti and sauce there plus milk and eggs!)

So I took the plunge this week!  On Monday my delivery came.  I picked the medium sized box ($45.99) and it came in two boxes.  I also added organic chicken thighs and 2 pounds of strawberries.

This box sure was joy delivered!


I added the chicken and strawberries
About Door To Door Organics:

This is a subscription delivery service.  You pick your box size and choose between weekly or bi-weekly delivery.  You also can choose between Monday or Friday drop off.  (All of this can be modified at any time - provided you do it before you order is locked in.)

 The boxes are set up and include all organic fruits, vegetables or a mix of both - depending on your choice.  You have the option to swap out a few things each week and they give you a list of substitutes to pick from.

What I received in my $45.99 mixed box:

7 bananas
1 avocado
1 bunch of red radishes
1 mango
1 cucumber
1 pint grape tomatoes
1 honeydew melon
1 lb carrots
3 roma tomatoes
1 grapefruit
2 bosc pears
3 zucchini
4 gala apples
1 green leaf lettuce

My Thoughts:

I was extremely happy with the quality of the produce.  The bananas, mango, avocado, and melon did not come ripe which was nice because we had some time to eat all the different things.  I probably won't want lettuce again because that was a little wilted and I prefer a spring mix variety. Some of you may want to know if the food is local.  Some is - they try to do that when possible.  This week they offered local mushrooms (which I subbed out because we don't eat them.)  The food was a mix of USA products and other countries too - which may bother some of you - but I'm happy for the most part with that as long as it is organic.

In the future I will alternate the box sizes depending on what I'm looking for.  I also plan on buying additional fruit that isn't offered that week - such as the strawberries - since my family loves them.

Overall I'm very pleased and this is a great option for someone that doesn't have the time to travel to several stores to get all of the organic produce they need. 

Now onto the savings!  By Clicking here you can sign up and get $10 off your first box! (You will have to hit apply to use the coupon on the screen)  

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