Thursday, May 21, 2015

Welcome Chicks! #chickens

My husband wanted to surprise with something big for Mother's Day.  We have always talked about things we would 'someday' want.  His wishlist includes a trip to Australia and a boat to go lake fishing.  Mine includes traveling cross country in and RV and raising chickens.

Well.... we got some chicks!

This post will be picture heavy because they are so adorable!!

 The babies they day they came home.  We knew nothing about them - so into a bin with the food and waterer thingy the store told us to use.  We also have a red heat lamp for them.  Later we found out they should have pine shavings so we bought that after a few days.  There are 6 chicks - "girls" .  We found out that although they guarantee  them to be girls that is unlikely and we will probably end up with a rooster.

They are super cute and they make this little peeping sound constantly.  They were a bit skittish at first but we handle them every day to help with that.  They will be in the house for a few months!! (MONTHS!!!)  So that will get interesting as they get bigger!

Our 2nd Week:

Four are supposed to be Rhode Island Reds, the other two we are not sure about (the ones in the last picture). 

I'll keep you posted on how this all goes over the weeks.  They are growing fast!  We will have to build a coop outside soon.  I don't believe we will get eggs until the fall but it is a fun family project.  The kids all seem to enjoy having a pet ... or six.  

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  1. Your chicks are so cute. Wish I was brave enough to try that.


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