Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chicken Update! The Coop! #chickenadventure

It has been awhile since I updated on our chickens.  Last Saturday they went out into our chicken coop.  I had big plans to paint it and make some garden boxes but honestly, I'm pregnant and tired.  So for now it will be the beautiful natural wood color!  My husband designed and built this based off of some coops we saw.  I don't have measurements or plans we did take plenty of pictures.

 photo 080C8057-822C-4D63-AEF1-FD808ED87FDA_zpshvpfrmax.jpg

This is the frame which will become the bottom of the chicken run

All framed up  

Front view of the door

Beginning of the coop with the roosting ledges

Inside View

Girls learning how to sleep

 photo ADE591B7-EA5A-4F89-9975-E46855A74F4F_zpsf56tmewj.jpg 

Almost ready

  photo 756CEA59-DE14-4DB2-BD5B-7F33BD4403B8_zps95tgij6o.jpg 

Finally we have chickens

Just a little extra - we used a small gauge chicken wire which you can see in the pictures.  That isn't really recommended (which we found out after we did the coop and will probably need to be changed at some point - due to predators).  Also there is a drawer my husband built under the coop that slides out and makes for easy cleaning. Lastly he put some kind of plastic roof on top of the plywood to keep out the rain. 

So far the girls have been happy.   They were scared at first and we had to teach them to go in and out of the coop but now they are pros! 

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