Friday, June 26, 2015

It's a....

It has been a crazy week here at the Rup house!  On Monday, we celebrated our 2nd son's 13th birthday.  That makes 2 teenagers in our home! We also had our gender scan for Baby Nov 2015 - and it is a BOY!  Yes that makes 4 boys!  God doesn't make mistakes - so we must be some good boy parents here! 

On Tuesday - there was a crazy storm in NJ and actual tornadoes in our area.  We lost power on Tuesday night and didn't get it back until about 5 last night (Thursday.)  That has put a crazy spin on all things blogging - so look for a busier than normal week next week.  We were lucky that our only damage was our fridge/freezer loss.  Some around us had trees fall on their houses and vehicles.  The chicken coop lost the secondary roof but it is in the backyard and will be put back up on Saturday.

Well, that is the scoop here at A RUP Life! 

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