Friday, June 5, 2015

KUPO Pizza Cutter #review #KUKPOPizzaCutter

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My oldest son eats a lot of pizza. Like everyday. We have gone through our share of pizza cutters because of this. Recently we were sent the Kukpo Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter to try. I have to say we are enjoying how well this cutter gets through the tough pizza dough and how simple it makes our life!


Treat yourself and your guests to gourmet pizzas sliced just as in restaurants. The number 1 pizza cutter is not just a pizza cutter. You can easily cut all sorts of pies, baked pastries, tortillas, waffles and all the other homemade delicacies. No pizza is too large for the large 4" wheel of this high quality product. The smooth stainless steel body of the kitchen utensil will prevent rusting, thus can be used for years to come without any health risks. Since your satisfaction and health is our priority, we make sure that all the pizza wheels are produced using FDA approved, BPA free stainless steel material.

 photo EA0483EA-3564-4632-96A7-F8D7827DAB02_zpsfr2yseff.jpg

Our thoughts:

We enjoyed this pizza cutter. It is sharp!  Make no mistake this is a high quality and very sharp kitchen utensil. My 14 year old is the one that uses it the most as he eats pizza almost daily and he thinks it cuts very well.  It is easy to clean, rolls well and feels sturdy in hand. We've been more than pleased with this product!

You can purchase your Kukpo Pizza cutter on Amazon

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