Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MasterBooks Review: World History High School Level by James P. Stobaugh #review

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It is that time of year again.  One year of school is closing and homeschooling moms everywhere are trying to figure out which curriculum to teach next school term.  History was on subject I was struggling on with my highschooler until we received World History from Master Books by James P. Stobaugh.  We were looking for something to cover the beginning up until some current world events.  We also wanted something with tests but without a ton of reading since literature and science were going to be pretty heavy for my son's 10th grade year.  What we found was this fabulous history that will fit in perfectly!


Begin at Eden and travel the globe in this fast paced historical course! Learn of philosophers, leaders, and distant lands including Jewish history, ancient Greece, Egypt, the Roman Empire, Persia, China, European history, the Crusades, China, the Renaissance, Scandinavia, revolution, reforms, Age of Discovery, early church history, and more! Text is paired with thought-provoking short essay questions to help students reinforce perspectives.

  • 1 Year Curriculum
  • 10th - 12th Grade
  • 1 Credit

We received the 2 pack which includes the Student book and the Teacher's guide.

The student guide is a soft bound book that is 288 pages.  This book includes all of the reading for the student's lesson in black and white but is filled with pictures pertaining to each topic.  There are 34 chapters containing 4 lessons.  The idea is to do 4 lessons each week (M-Th) and then complete a test on Friday. Each lesson includes a assignment which is typically some sort of writing activity.

The Teacher's guide is also soft-bound and black and white.  The 264 pages include answer keys, worksheets (the activities listed in the student book - but you can hand a sheet if preferred), student objectives and weekly tests. 

Our Thoughts:

For this review we read through several lessons to see what we thought.  I did the reading aloud to my current 7th and 9th grader then we verbally answered the activity at the end.  This will not be how we use it in the next school year.  This course will be used mostly independently by my future 10th grader - he will read the lesson, answer the activity and then I will grade and we will review if extra help is needed with the lesson question.  Then he will take the test.

While we were reading the text for our review purposes we found it to be very engaging.  The way Stobaugh writes about historical figures and events kept us interested.  We also loved that this text is written with a Christian perspective.  This is extremely important to our family and we were more than happy with this curriculum in that respect.

You can purchase these books separately or as a set (which I highly recommend) - at Masterbooks.com

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