Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reviva Labs: Nourishing Cream #WIN

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Skin care is something that is extremely important to me.  At 38 (very close to 39), I don't want to look older than I am.  Part of the process of keeping my appearance youthful means taking good care of my skin by using incredible products!  Reviva Labs recently sent me their Nourishing Cream to review.


 As you get older, your skin gets thinner.  After researching skin salons and consumers and learning that rich creams, oils or elastin and collagen weren’t answering the problem, Reviva Labs did extensive testing and made an interesting discovery.  We discovered that, over the years, skin loses Essential Fatty Acids – essential elements for the fullness you see in youthful skin.  Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids lost in skin cell membranes results in skin becoming dry and thin.  Diet-wise, the Omega EFA’s help, but they’re utilized primarily for body organs; not skin.  And Omega-3 and Omega-6 from plant sources is a major deficiency. 

So Reviva presents a first in skin’s external need for already thin skin, or as a preventative cream you alternate in your current skin regimen (2-3 times weekly, for example, or over an anti-aging gel or serum).  Of course, for already thin, delicate even paper-thin skin, daily usage on face, hands and arms can make a dramatic difference you’ll see quickly.  

It’s Reviva Labs Nourishing Cream – for fuller, smoother, more supple skin!   

My Thoughts:

I like that this is a treatment product.  It applies nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and moist.  It is recommended on the packaging that you eat  more EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) because the combination works well (food on the inside/skin care on the outside).  I love that philosophy!  I truly believe what you eat affects how you look and feel.  Another unique quality about this cream is that it can be used on face and hands.  We all know that hands show your true age - so I love a spot treatment for that! I have used this a few times a week added into my normal skin care and I have noticed a difference in my skin looking plumper. 

Look for this product and other wonderful Reviva Labs products at your local health food retailers or online at

One lucky reader will win a Reviva Labs' Nourishing Cream!


  1. My biggest skin concern is dealing with fine lines/wrinkles.

  2. My biggest concern is acne. Bleck. Never outgrew it. :)

  3. My biggest concern is acne. Bleck. Never outgrew it. :)


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