Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Recap

It has been a rather rough week at the Rup House.  Our littlest member has strep and has been running a fever for most of the week.  We had to visit the doctors on Monday.  It is so quiet with him being sick and not really wanting to play or school.  I'm sure next week will bring back our rambunctious little boy and I'll miss the quiet.  We have been just plugging away with our school - hoping to finish at the end of the month.  I honestly am ready for a little break!

Here is the Weekly Recap:

Ready to Read: Sparky and Tidbit #summerreading #win - Giveaway!

Caillou Helps Out on DVD 6/16 #review

Dynamic Literacy: WordBuildOnline #review

 Chicken Update! The Coop! #chickenadventure

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