Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mia and Me: Friends to the Rescue DVD

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 It is not too often I get to share something sparkly and pink living in a household of all boys plus me!  However I have a cute DVD to share with you today from Mia and Me!  In Friends to the Rescue  will join Mia in the magical world of Centopia in this 75 minute DVD!


“Mia and me” is an enchanting program which features live action and animation. Mia, a 12-year-old girl, attending a boarding school in Florence, Italy, used to read about the land of Centopia in an ancient book of myths. Now, thanks to a high-tech portal, she finds herself hurled into this wondrous and animated world of elves, unicorns, pans and dragons. But the once idyllic kingdom is embroiled in conflict. The evil Queen Panthea seeks to capture the unicorns and harness their power to keep herself young. As Mia bounces between trying to fit in at her new school, and her life as a fairytale elf, she becomes the key to saving Centopia.
Trumptus Lost
A scuffle with Violetta leaves Mia worried about having her secret exposed and Vincent frustrated with once again being left in the dark. In Centopia, the unusually grim oracle leads Mia to rescue Lyria in the Valley of Vapors, where she becomes lost – and in need of rescuing herself. Though Yuko and Mo find her in time, the invaluable Trumptus is left behind accidentally for Panthea to fulfill the oracle’s ominous prophecy.

The Golden Son
A quick-thinking Vincent helps Mia evade Violetta and her cronies, who are determined to get their hands on Mia’s mysterious book. Still unsure if she can trust Vincent with the truth, Mia disappears to Centopia in time to find Lyria in need of urgent help. With the help of the Water and Wind Unicorns, Mia and her friends are able to get Lyria the help she needs. Mia later witnesses an amazing event: the birth of a golden-horned unicorn who may be the key to restoring hope to Centopia.

Onchao’s Oasis
On a field trip to a museum, Mia and Vincent avoid Paula, the latest of Violetta’s accomplices recruited to spy on Mia. When she finally escapes to Centopia, the excitement over Onchao’s ability to restore dead lands and to locate Trumptus pieces is short-lived when Lyria is taken captive by Gargona and her Munculus army. A newly determined Mia vows to protect Onchao with all her might and to find all of the pieces of the Trumptus so the safety of Centopia can be restored.

You can purchase your copy at your local retailer or online at stores like Amazon.

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