Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our Chickens Are Growing!

Our chickens are growing!  We have a rooster too!  Even though we were guaranteed all girls - one of the flock is definitely going to be crowing in the future instead of laying eggs! This has been a fun adventure and we really do enjoy their unique personalities.  They tend to attack us a bit when we try to feed them - but that is part of the adventure!

 photo 32E2ECC2-C2D6-47A3-8D1A-42A85B46BD5E_zpsibliez7w.jpg 

The Gang eating 

 photo 9B046CF2-BC78-4068-9B38-46C44743100E_zpscmvdgpnn.jpg
Our Rooster

 photo F42A7FE0-0B11-46AB-8F8C-8171E7E31DC2_zpsu91qesap.jpg
 photo 8139933A-C966-4303-97DB-55481D26341B_zps69acl1t5.jpg

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