Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baby Registry: How to and Why You Should! #BABYEVENT

New moms are always nervous about what gear they need will need for their upcoming arrival. If you enter one of those baby super centers it can be overwhelming.  There are tons of choices for every category! Bottles have their own wall!  Strollers have 5 sections! So how do you navigate registering for what you need?


Go to the store when your about 3-4 months and start looking at products. Think about function and about looks. Do you prefer a certain bottle shape or a pacifier's colors?

Ask a Seasoned Mom

This one is huge! If you have a close Mommy friend - ask them to go through the store with you and tell you about all the products. Nipples creams, breast pads, milk bags, covers, pillows... it can be a lot to navigate if you've never heard of these things.

Test Products Out

There is a reason the carseats have displays! Play with the latches and see if you like the mechanisms. We had one that was like a puzzle piece to put together every time we hooked it. What a pain that was. Some fabrics are hot, some are stiff.  Feel the fabric in your carseats, pack and plays, swings, bouncy seats.  See if this is something that appeals to you. Ask the staff questions and do some product research online for the bigger gear. If you pick a stroller that has a 2 star rating - you might not end up happy with that equipment.

Go with your spouse/partner to register

Make it a fun experience. You can travel up and down the isles together, making memories!  Daddy might have opinions on what he wants for baby.

Register multiply places 

Even if you don't share the registries or expect a baby shower register at a minimum of two places. My recommendations are Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby AND Target.  Why?  You get on their mailing list for high value coupons!  That alone is worth the time. They also give swag bags with samples for baby and mom when you register. Promotions change but typically they send you a coupon to complete your registry at the end - which is wonderful if you have things to buy.

 photo FF28194E-5AC1-45EA-8EB6-3B859BC16411_zpso6n6vuxv.jpg

Babies R Us Swag Bag Came with:

  • Coupons from various companies including $5 off $25 at Babies R Us
  • A Pampers diaper and wipes sample
  • Enfamil Formula sample

 photo a5dd75db-03e6-46bd-b0b8-9666fc37c652_zps9yjsxr9m.jpg 

Target's Swag Bag Came with:

  • Various coupons
  • Munchkin Latch Bottle
  • Pampers diaper and wipes sample
  • babyganics lotion sample - deluxe size
  • Mam newborn pacifier - deluxe size
  • aquaphor sample - deluxe size
  • Lansinoh breastfeeding samples - deluxe size
  • Zarbees sample 
  • mustela sample

As you can see Target's bag was AWESOME!  Don't discount those deluxe samples - those are perfect for your diaper bag!!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.  Also don't forget to enter all the great #babyevent giveaways going on - links on the sidebar or use the giveaway tab. 

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