Monday, August 17, 2015

Nourish by BeliBea - Nursing Bra #REVIEW #BABYEVENT

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I had three nurslings over the years and have one more on the way in November. I can't wait for that time again. While you don't need many things to breastfeed - one important thing you will want is a great fitting, comfortable nursing bra to make things convenient.  Today I want to share with you Nourish by BeliBea!  This is an amazing bra! It has two functions - first as a nursing bra and second as a hands free pumping bra!


·         The BeliBea bra line combines the best of traditional maternity bras with both an improved fit and design for better comfort, with the Nourish by BeliBea style also providing the ability to hold pump shields in place for hands-free convenience. 

·         Nourish by BeliBea includes dual panels in each cup that allow mothers to keep the garment in place while breastfeeding, pumping and during what often seems like the few moments in between. The inside panel fits to and holds a breast shield in place for hands-free convenience while pumping, or both panels can be lowered to easily breastfeed. 

·         The hands-free convenience of Nourish by BeliBea not only makes the individual tasks of breastfeeding and pumping more manageable, but it also allows mothers to do both at the same time – saving even more of your limited and precious time.

·         The BeliBea bra line has a v-neck scoop and center ruching to maintain a feminine shape – no sports bra "uni-boob" here! Nourish by BeliBea also comes with removable pads between the cup panels that offer extra support, comfort and shape. 

·         Nursing mothers demand a new maternity bra that is comfortable but affordable, flexible and durable, simple yet clever – this is the bra line for nursing mothers everywhere. 

·         BeliBea bras incorporate specific design features to ensure every mother’s all-day comfort, including a seamless stretch fit, plush-lined adjustable straps and a ribbed band to provide flexible support. 

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My Thoughts:

I love how comfortable this bra is. The fabric is very stretchy so it fits but allows you to move easily. The clasp at the top (where you open for nursing) is very unique. There is one clasp to open the bra for hand free nursing and then a second clasp for allowing for breastfeeding. I think this is genius! I love the dual function of this bra. Another thing that makes me thrilled is this bra has no underwire. I can't stand underwire and have found it difficult to get support without it - but with Nourish that is not the case. I'm completely supported.  The last feature I want to mention is the padding. This bra has a tiny bit of padding which I find wonderful. One issue I've had is trying to be modest with my changing top! Things are growing and much more noticeable when pregnant and nursing and this allows me to still be modest in the thinnest shirts.

Can you tell I love this bra?  Stay tuned for a giveaway coming this week for Nourish by BeliBea! 

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