Saturday, August 22, 2015

Snug Silicone Baby Bib #babyevent #amazonreview

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I have an interesting product to share with you today.  Snug Silicone Baby Bibs.  


 Is your baby a messy eater? Don't worry, the Snug baby bib multipack has got you covered. Adjust the neck strap as necessary and outfit your baby with this silicone bib, and no longer worry about them making a mess while eating.All materials FDA approved
We know your baby's safety is your top concern, which is why all materials used in the manufacturing of this baby bib set are FDA approved. Rest assured that the top experts have reviewed all the materials and judged them 100% safe.

Waterproof and cleans easily
Tired of washing cloth bibs in the sink or laundry? These waterproof baby bibs are easy to clean with a simple wipe. What's more they are 100% waterproof, so simply rinse off the bib when it's dirty and it will be ready for use all over again.

3-pack means multiple colour options
These baby bibs come in three colours: red, blue, and green. You can let your baby boy pick his favourite, and it's also convenient for Mom and Dad because anytime one bib needs to be cleaned there's another ready to go.

Includes Lifetime Warranty
Snug guarantees a lifetime warranty with your purchase. This means that if there is ever a problem with your Snug baby bib set, you can easily contact us through our dedicated brand website and we will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

My Thoughts:

These were a neat idea. I love that they are washable because when baby first learns to feed themselves there is always a big mess.  The pocket is great for catching food.  The silicone make is soft and very wearable and easy to toss in a diaper bag.  My only issue is the closure for the bib.  While it is pretty sturdy - the part where you hook the clasp is removable and a choking hazard.  So to use these in my house I would just take that whole thing off and replace with a thick ribbon.  Of course you could just watch your child like a hawk as an alternative.

You can purchase your Snug Silicon Bibs online at Amazon.  They are available in 3 packs in either girl or boy colors.

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