Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Curriculum Choices for 10th Grade #homeschool

We are actually into our 7th week of school here at the Rup house but with the baby event and some late changes to our curriculum choices for high school - I'm just getting around to sharing out picks for this year.

This is for 10th grade:


 We purchased: The course books (3 set), lab manual, lab DVD - as well as the kit to do the experiments and the microscope.  (Yes this was pricey but it was less than the other 'popular' biology everyone uses and I believe that if you are going to homeschool you give your kids all the tools to succeed. - not to mention we will be re-using almost all of it in 2 year!)


Teaching Textbooks - Algebra I & Algebra II
Stinky Kid Math  (Review to come on this one but we are using it as a supplement to the Teaching Textbooks. 


Masterbooks World History 

Read my review of MB World History Here! 


Sharon Watson's Illuminating Literature (you can read my review of this product here.)

Wordly Wise Grade 10 


Lifepac Grade 10  

Foreign Language:

Memoria Press Greek - we are also bumping this up to make it a high school level course by adding quizlet and watching It's Not Greek to Me DVD 

 In addition to this course load my older kids do piano lessons weekly and physical activity (gym). 

I think it is a good course load and so far he seems pretty happy.  Greek is the favorite course this year for sure. 

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