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Middlebury Interactive Languages #REVIEW

 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review
When I share that we are a homeschooling family one of the big questions I get,  is how do we teach high school subjects.  Particularly Science, Math and Foreign Languages.  I totally get those type of questions because I too had them before I started. My answer? Find a quality online course to do the bulk of the work for you!  We have been using  Middlebury Interactive Languages  for high school Spanish Courses.

What we received is an online semester for high school Spanish. This course includes all the lessons, quizzes and test needed to complete the first semester. (We are planning on purchasing the second semester to make it a complete year of Spanish for our son.) Middlebury does offer a second option with a teacher for an additional fee but that is not what we received.

Additional Information:

  • Spanish is available from elementary levels to High School AP
  • French is available from elementary levels to High School AP
  • Chinese is available from elementary levels to High School
  • German is available from elementary levels to High School

 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review
How we used it:

Since this is an entirely online course I had very little to do with using it. All I had to do was show my son where to login at and he pretty much could get to work himself.  Speaking of my son, he is actually in 8th grade but with college wanting 3 years of foreign language we decided that this was a great year to start working on this requirement. I think it will give him more time overall to complete all 3 levels and with Middlebury breaking up their years into two semesters we can do one this year and then two next year.

To navigate the program you can either go by the calendar or table of contents. My son prefers to just go by the table of contents to pick his lessons (which show they are completed so he knows where he left off.)  There is also a gradebook which parents can log in and what their students have been doing on test and quizzes. It will allow you to pull those up and see where mistakes were made.

Our Thoughts:

Overall my son likes doing this program. We bought him a headset/microphone so he can use the system fully and I would definitely recommend that should you decide to use this program. He is trying to plow through the program so he has been doubling lesson each day so he can take some time off in the fall when baby brother is born. Even with the accelerated schedule, he is doing well and able to keep up on the course.

My only suggestion would be an option for parents to let children retake test/quizzes. If you bomb one of the test it affects your score - some were only 5 questions so that kind of stinks.  Other than that it is pretty complete covering reading, writing, conversation and culture. Exactly what I would expect in a high school course.  The biggest plus for me is that I know that my Spanish from high school is fairly limited to what I remember so I really like that I have found Middlebury to fill that need in teaching for my student. It is one less worry for me.

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 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

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