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Tapple & Wonky by USAopoly - Game Review

We love playing games in our family. As my bigger boys have frown and matured it has been a lot fun to branch out from little kid classics to more advanced and challenging games where strategy and wits come in to play.  We were recently sent two games from USAopoly to review.

 USAopoly Review

What we received:

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone


Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game

 USAopoly Review

First let tell you a little bit about Tapple. This game is a circle with alphabet letters you can push down as you play. It is made of plastic. The game requires two AA batteries (which are not included).  It comes with a set of cards for game play that are conveniently stored in the base of the game.

To play a category is picked from the cards, then you turn the game on and it keeps time for you between turns.  Each player goes around the game trying to come up with a word/phrase for the category from the letters available before time runs out.

So if your category was movies - answers might be
A- Avengers
T- Toy Story
C- Cinderella

You keep going until all the players are eliminated and one is left standing.

Our Thoughts on Tapple:

We LOVED this game! It was easy to play, yet you had to think quick on your feet. Some categories were more challenging and they even had an option to pick your own category. It was easily modified for younger kids (you have a lot of lead way with the categories interpretations.) You could also keep the sound off if it bothered you - but we had no troubles with it. This will be a game we play often!

USAopoly Review
Now lets talk about Wonky.  This is a total strategy game. There are 9 blocks with different sides (some flat, some rounded) and a deck of cards. Cards are dealt and you have to play a card each round. As you play your card of choice from your hand you add blocks to a growing tower. The object is to play all your cards or stack all the blocks.  The nice thing is the tower falling over doesn't end game play - only playing all your cards or stacking all the blocks. 

Our Thoughts on Wonky

We had a lot of fun playing this one. My 13 year old and I tested this one out - it was clear that logic helps you win. You have to develop your strategy - do you want to make it easy for your to stack the blocks or try to trip up your opponent by taking a risk and stacking 'wonky'.  That really adds to the game play if you don't play it safe the whole time. 

This was a really fun review. I love having family time and game night is a perfect way to get everyone off electronics, gathered around and engaged.  If your looking for some new games to play - you can't go wrong with either of these.

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 USAopoly Review

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