Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Jelly Bean Alternative - for Gestational Diabetes Testing!

First off a disclaimer!  Check with and consult your doctor for all pregnancy testing!!  We all dread that time of our pregnancy when we have to take the gestational diabetes test.  You know the glucose test where they make you drink a huge bottle of flat nasty non-soda type drink.  Depending on your doctor's request you will have a 1, 2 or 3 hour test.  Typically for the 1 hour you drink the drink then sit for an hour before getting blood drawn.  The 2 or 3 hour test will mean a possible blood draw before the drink, drinking then having hourly draws.

Let me be clear this test sucks!

That drink makes everyone feel awful.  Sure some flavors are better than others but it is not a fun test.

Let me give you a BIG tip! Keep track of time because if you miss the window you will have to start over.  Trust me I had that happen because with my first pregnancy I assumed they would come looking for me for the blood draw and they didn't.

Ok so now onto the Jelly Bean Method or Alternative

If you talk to your OB they might let you have an alternative to the drink!  Jelly Beans!!! There is a formula (your doctor will tell you what it is...) of so many jelly beans in so many minutes and you have to have a certain brand (Brach's in my case).  However it is a better alternative to the nasty drink for sure!

Most people don't even know there is an option!  I've done the test 4 times now (and had to do repeats with 2 of my pregnancies) and hands down jelly beans was way better! I didn't get sick like when I drank the drink.  Sure, it was a little gross to suck down that many jelly beans in a few minutes...but I MANAGED!  I did feel silly in my OB office eating a bag of candy like a total pig but I SUCKED it up!

I'd love to add that I passed the test! No gestational diabetes for me this go around.  In fact it is random. I've tried every trick to passing and frankly there is NONE.  I've had GD two times and didn't two times.  I've eaten perfect for weeks and failed. I've eaten cake the day before and passed.  It really is your body and pregnancy that determines the passing/failing.

I'd love to hear your experience with the Gestational Diabetes Test!

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