Monday, October 12, 2015

Hewitt Homeschooling: Lightning Literature 8th Grade #review

I have a wonderful literature program to share with you.  Lightning Literature by Hewitt Homeschooling

I personally think literature is one subject that homeschooling Mom's worry about. Are we reading enough books, getting deep enough, teaching enough on the subject. Honestly there are just not enough quality products out there to teach Literature as a complete subject. Often times we are stuck with the only options being unit studies or big box curriculum.  Once you get to middle school it is really slim pickings.

Last year, as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was introduced to Hewitt Homeschooling for 7th grade literature. (You can read that review here.) I honestly fell in love! It was so easy to implement and my son read so many great books, stories and poems.  I know for 8th grade we would be returning (and my 9th grader completed American Literature: Early to Mid 19th Century Pack). 

So what do you get for 8th Grade Lit:

Grade 8 Pack with Stories and Poems
Grade 8 Pack without Stories and Poems*
Grade 8 Student Guide
Grade 8 Student Workbook
Grade 8 Teacher Guide

*If you purchase 7th grade it comes with Stories and Poems so you do not need to repurchase that book. 

The Teacher's Guide has a complete schedule so you know exactly what is required of your student to work their way through the course. It doesn't say do "page 3" on a certain day but gives a weekly schedule to accomplish. I love that because by 8th grade students need to be learning to regulate their schedules on their own.  The Student Guide includes writing assignments, lessons and information about each of the stories to be read.  The Student Workbook contains all the worksheets for the lessons.

I personally loved the set up of this curriculum. I think there is a nice balance of reading, writing and worksheets. My 8th grader is able to complete the workload without being overwhelmed.  What I love the most is the amazing reading selections! We would have never found Stories and Poems without this curriculum and that has been a favorite! We've been working through the chapters this year and we are equally pleased with the course and selections - just as we were last year!

Additional Information:

Currently Lightning Literature has levels for 1st-3rd grade (with more coming), 7th & 8th and High School. 

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