Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Homeschooling Update - How Our Year Is Going!

We are finishing up week 14 of school on Friday. I can't believe how much we accomplished in these past few weeks. Overall I think it went well. It was hard to get things done some days between Dad being home (due to a lay off) and Mom being VERY pregnant but we pushed through. We will be taking off for a bit when the baby comes. Taking the 6 weeks off that we did over July and August - then having our holiday break.  I can honestly say we are ALL looking forward to this time off.

In the new year I will be changing some things up. I think we are going to take a break from Masterbooks World History and go back to Mystery of History. In general we all liked it better and we liked that it was a class done together. I'm looking forward to that time again.  That is probably the biggest change we will make.  I might add some additional reading as I want the boys to read - For You They Signed- from Masterbooks. It is an awesome resource and I think they will love it.

Preschool really slowed down these past weeks. We focused on handwriting - when we could. Playing - a LOT! Lots of hands on activities which have helped with handwriting. We tried to read daily and sing lots of songs but really not much formal learning. I'm hoping when things get less crazy with the baby, after Christmas I can sit down and teach our preschooler how to read. He is just about ready. He is starting to ask how to spell things and that is typically the time they want to read themselves.

Well that was a long update!  How is your homeschool going this year? 

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