Monday, November 23, 2015

Our New Addition

On 11/5 we had our latest bundle of joy - Logan! I still can not believe we have 4 kids! I always dreamed of a big family and slowly over the past 16 years of marriage God has blessed us with our boys.

The delivery went well but I wasn't happy with some aspects of it. This is my 4th cesarean delivery and it was very different than in the past. Most of all I wasn't thrilled with the anesthesiologist - I feel like she didn't listen to anything we talked about and then she vanished and some other lady did all the work.  I'm still not sure what that was all about.

We got some answers on how the tubal failed. Apparently something 'new' grew. Dr. called it a fistula. I know what it was. It  was an answer to the prayer that I prayed at the alter just two weeks before. God made a way for this baby to come into the world. He truly is our little miracle.

So the worst part was that our hospital has no nursery. Like not at all. While I rarely used the nursery it was always nice to know I had the back up and support when needed. In the past the baby would go to nursery for stats and cleaning nightly for about 30 minutes. That didn't happen this time. He was with me from the moment he was born - in the operating room. Then we were both whisked to a labor recovery room where he had his first bath and stats. I of course was paralyzed still from the epidural used during surgery. Then when we were both stable we were put in our room. I wasn't allowed to get up until the next day (or eat!) so I couldn't take care of him at all. Thank God my husband was with me. We hadn't planned on him being there 24/7 but that is what had to happen with there being no nursery.

At six days old we went to the pediatrician for baby's check up. We were sent rushing to the ER to get bloodwork because Logan was extremely jaundice. That was pretty scary bringing my 6 day old baby to the ER where everyone was SICK! I admit I cried and they found us a secluded space away from all that - which I'm so thankful for! We had all our kids with us and so far no one is sick so we are grateful for that. Blood work reveled that he was very jaundice but just under treatment level (like .4 under!) so we had to go back the next two days for more blood work. That isn't easy when your not allowed to drive because your recovering from surgery.

The whole thing is a whirlwind ... surgery, baby, allergic reaction (I won't go into details but I'm still itching from the whole thing!), no nursery, jaundice, no sleep.

We are incredibly thankful for all the help we had these past few weeks.  Both of our parents were such blessings to us with meals, kid watching and support. My sister in law even went grocery shopping for me which saved my husband from having to do it when he got home from work.

So that is our new addition announcement. I know it is a little late but honestly any free moment is spent sleeping or with my other three kids. Time is flying by and before we know it Christmas will be here!!!    

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  1. Congrats on your little one. It does get better. I know when my son was born, he was 10 lbs and the doctor would not take him c-section. I am small too. My son's shoulders got stuck and they had a room full of people trying to get him out of me. They ended up breaking both of his collar bones and fractured his skull in 5 places. He had black eye and looked beat up. That year was a very bad year but somehow I made it through only with God's help. Best wishes for your little one and family.


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