Thursday, December 31, 2015

1 Word Resolution: Picking a Theme for 2016 #NewYearsResolutions

 I'm not big on New Years Resolutions. They tend to be short lived and lead to feeling like a failure. Yes, I do plan on exercising more, eating better and generally taking better care of myself in 2016 - but honestly I tend to think that every day not just because it is suddenly January 1st.

Each year I try to pick a theme word to focus on for the upcoming year. Even if I just spend a few days or weeks on it I count it success. Last year's word was TRUST. I think I did a good job with trusting more.

I gave a lot of TRUST over to God. With the pregnancy, having a baby, several layoffs with no income. I trusted the Lord to take care of our needs and he did that and more.

This year's word is QUALITY.

Quality time with God
Quality time with my husband
Quality time with each of the kids
Quality time as a family
Quality time for myself
Quality time for work
Quality time for homeschooling

It is a tall order. I will probably have to cut some things out to make this focus work but I think it is necessary with we have going on. The new baby is challenging. He is a fussy guy but it is getting better. However having a colicky baby means we have to make the most of his happy times. I think that is where the word came from.  While he naps I'm reading to the 5 year old. When the 5 year old goes to bed I'm up watching movies with the teens. When they are all in bed I'm up waiting for my husband to come home from night work (usually the baby is up with me.)

I'm not perfect and these past eight weeks have shown me a lot of my personal flaws. It also put into perspective what is a true priority. I really think QUALITY will help keep that all in focus for 2016.

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  1. Praying for you as you focus on quality time with those you love most.


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