Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Luvs Momoji Keyboard

Moms know that life is crazy with babies (and new mom's find out). Between diaper changes, feeding around the clock and trying to fit in life around all that... it is a intense time. So if you are a new mom like me or a seasoned mom of littles, you might find that your chatting time with friends or your spouse revolves around pregnancy, diaper changing and your tiny people.

Just today I sent my best friend several Momojis detailing how our night went - the one that cracked me up - because it was so truthful -  was a little graphic that shows an angelic baby that turns to a demon. This describes EXACTLY what happens each night after midnight at my house with Logan!  (EEK!)

 Luvs Momoji Keyboard is an app that you download to your phone. It is used in conjunction with your existing texting app. It is very easy to add the emojis to any conversation with a friend and very easy to install. Best of all there are some emojiis that truly show what is happening in my life and LUVS has managed to make the ones I truly wanted and needed! It is not a surprise since LUVS makes awesome diapers! Can you believe my little guy is only 7 weeks old and already in size 2!  He is my chunky monkey and LUVS fit him great!

About the Luvs Momoji Keyboard:

• Emojis are on the tip of everyone’s tongues (and thumbs!) and busy, experienced moms know
a picture is worth a thousand words! Sometimes communicating a diaper blowout or your
toddler’s public meltdown is best and most easily expressed in emoji form - and Luvs has
developed their own “Momoji” keyboard for experienced parents.
• The Luvs Momoji keyboard, inspired by experienced parent truths, gives moms more ways to
express themselves in a language they are already using…through emojis! And unlike regular
emoji keyboards, the Luvs Momoji Keyboard app is the first to offer access to the latest in
emoji technology – the Promoji – which helps busy moms hunt for diaper deals on the go.
• Through the first-ever use of Promojis (promotional emojis), busy moms will be able to hunt
for diaper deals and coupons from Luvs on the go, including Luvs with NightLock. Promojis
are the latest in emoji technology and allow users to quickly and easily find great deals and
promotions. They can be accessed directly within the Momoji Keyboard on the Android
operating system, or via the main Momoji Keyboard app landing page on the iPhone operating
system. Through the integrated use of Promojis, Luvs is the first brand to share coupons, deals
and special offers with consumers in a whole new way.

About Luvs Diapers:

• With new larger stretch tabs for easy fastening, and the same ultra-leakage protection and
money-back guarantee, Luvs with NightLock provides the highquality
features babies and parents need for less cost than the
premium brands.
• Luvs is the official diaper of experienced parents. When parents
choose Luvs over Huggies Snug & Dry, they get outstanding
superior overnight protection that locks away wetness 2X better*,
and they turn diapers into dollars by saving up to $150 per year**.

 You can download LUVS MOMOJI KEYBOARD here. Visit Luvs for additional information.

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